Thoughts for Today

Climate Change

Let me just start off by saying that I have no idea if global warming is real or not, much less if it is or can be caused by man made events. I’m not smart enough to know stuff like that. I’ll leave that to the scientists and the tree huggers to debate. But it’s like this. It doesn’t help the case of the Al Gore crowd when stories appear in the news claiming that worms burping nitrous oxide might be partly responsible. You know what? I thought I had heard it all back when they said cows passing gas could be to blame. This is just wacky stuff to me. Haven’t worms been burping since creation and haven’t cows been cutting the cheese that long too? If burping and farting can cause climate change, then I figure my son must have raised the world-wide temperature a few degrees all by himself. I’m turning him in to the EPA.

Go Away

Here is a list of celebrities that I wish would go away. It is by no means complete as I really wish most celebrities would go away.

Nadya Suleman. She’s famous for giving birth to eight babies. While I suppose that may have initially been newsworthy, she is looking wackier and wackier each time she appears on TV. My advice to her is to salvage what dignity she has left and just disappear.

Oprah. Look I got sick of her years ago and the coronation of Obama has only made it worse. She seems to be everywhere. My wife even thinks that the reason Obama had them postpone the analog switch was so that all the white trash of the world could still watch Oprah. I’m not so sure she’s wrong. But if Oprah disappeared what would all the empty nest mothers who wear sweat suits around the house, eat bon bons, and have the Whitney Houston version of “I Will Always Love You” on repeat do. I guess they’d have to get a life or else switch to watching the View.

Rosie O’Donnell. Just please go away. You’ve never been funny. You’ve never been clever, and you’ve never had the sense God gave a billy goat. Anyone who can make me root for Donald Trump just needs to go away.

Jennifer Anniston. I’ll be the first to admit that she is easy on the eyes, but she just spent $50,000 on a freaking haircut. Was there nobody available who could give a $25,000 haircut? On top of that I really don’t care who her boyfriend of the moment is. I suppose I should feel sorry for her that she was dumped by Brad Pitt, but in my opinion he did her a favor. He’s just another morally bankrupt hollywood superstar. He and Miss Fish Lips can go away too.

Britney Spears. It’s time to bounce her little no talent butt right off of planet earth. She is a manufactured pop star who just fits the suit ala Johnny Bravo from the Brady Bunch

Paris Hilton. She has no talent other than being famous. Do us all a favor. Don’t try to act because you can’t do that. Don’t model because you are only average. In other words, be happy sitting around the pool with your pampered, petted, and perfumed chihuahua, but do it all in private.

Michael Jackson. He really hasn’t been musically relevant in nearly 25 years. But yet there he is week after week on the cover of the grocery store tabloids. This freak should have been locked up years ago. I don’t see how any discerning parent could have let their child have a sleepover with him. Just look at his pictures. Just tell me that it is normal to evolve from a black man into a white woman.

Ann Coulter. While I am mostly a political conservative I am ashamed to have any view in common with this piece of work. Her hatred for all things left of center paints her as a horrible witch who is capable of loving no one. She needs to grow up and dress her age. Better yet she just needs to get on the first plane to obscurity.

Sean Hannity. If you’ve heard one hated filled diatribe from him , then you’ve heard them all. I am not amused by him. I don’t admire him. I consider him to be a polarizing figure who can’t stop at just being partisan. He actively encourages division. His life is just a TV show that should have been canceled long ago.

Rush Limbaugh. (see argument against Sean Hannity. They are pretty much the same.)

And the one actor that we need to see more of while there is still time: William Shatner. Yes I know it is fashionable to call him a bad actor or cheesy or whatever, but this guy just gets better and better with age. He continually reinvents himself and stays relevant somehow or another. Anyone who has seen his performance as Denny Crane on Boston Legal certainly most agree. His performance was inspired and brilliant (and Emmy winning). Since he is 75, it stands to reason we won’t have him around for too much longer, at least as a working actor. For the Shat Man I salute your greatness. Live long and prosper!!

Is This for Real?

Someone wrote to a sex expert asking how do hickeys happen. I can guarantee you if this wasn’t a joke, the writer was a middle to upper class person because all white trash knows how to give  them temporary tattoos. Everytime you go to the county fair they come out of the woodwork. Rednecks of all description with every third one sporting a fashionable hickey right on the neck. If you want to do that be my guest, but do it where it can’t be seen. No need to advertise what you have been doing because the mental picture of that is usually quite nauseating to the rest of us.

Have a good day y’all


9 Responses to “Thoughts for Today”

  1. Honey, I ♥ U!!! & I love your opinions! I laughed my way through this post…and I agree with the celebrities, you know which ones I agree with the most!

  2. Kendell J. Says:

    Even though you and I are different in our political vein, you are seeing at least three or four people just as I do. Maybe, you and I are still father and son after all.

  3. Brittany Says:

    Funny post, but have to tell you I love Sean Hannity. If a few more people had listened to him we wouldn’t be in the situation where “The One” has managed to make the economic mess many times worse. Plus, he loves his country, respects biblical values, and actually features good news occasionally!

    The main celebrity that needs to go away is Barack Obama and his team of former Clinton staffers. They are alienating allies and making both stupid and immoral decisions.

    • theworldofmojo Says:

      Brittany. I agree with much that Sean Hannity stands for. My problem with him is the way he chooses to conduct himself. If someone disagrees with his version of the facts, instead of intelligently debating them, he chooses to conduct a shouting match with them, and finally he belittles them and makes them out to be idiots. I don’t see the fruits of the spirit as described in the book of Galatians being manifested by him. Certainly not kindness or gentleness.

      I do not dispute that he loves his country. I love the country as well. For that matter, despite his many personal failings, can you honestly tell me that Ted Kennedy doesn’t love his country. I think he loves it deeply and while his ideas for what will make the country better differ from ours, it does not negate the fact that he is just as much a patriot as anyone aligning themselves with the political right.

      Obama isn’t going away. Don’t hate him. Pray for him. Lift him up. God can change hearts. He changed ours. He can change the heart of whomever he chooses.

      • Brittany Says:

        Mojo, I do not hate Obama. I just think he is fundamentally misguided and is making terrible decisions as our president. I cannot believe some of the people who actually voted for him.

        I do pray for him, but, I should probably pray much more than I do. Thanks for the admonition.

  4. debeyepps Says:

    Yay! William Shatner is fabulous. While I do admit it took awhile for him to grow on me…he is hilarious on Boston Legal. He makes that show. I have had more “laugh out loud” moments watching him as Denny Crane than with any other character in my whole TV watching career. And he does get funnier the older he gets!

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