Star Trek – The All Star Edition – Part 1

With all the hype coming up about JJ Abrams reboot of the Star Trek mythology, I thought it would be fun to compare the various crews from the past and select an all star Trek cast.

<Disclaimer: Now I know that some Trek fans have very strong opinions. That’s okay. I have my opinions too. That’s why I’m writing about this stuff. But if my opinion differs from your that’s okay too. I am not setting out to offend you or to argue with your sensibilities. In fact I’m going to tell you something no one has ever had the guts to tell you before. Star Trek is a TV program. Nothing more nothing less.>

Let’s look at chief engineer first. Here are the choices: Montgomery Scott, Geordi LaForge, Miles Edward O’Brien, B’Elanna Torres, Charles “Trip” Tucker.

I don’t like Torres. I suppose there is something to be said for her since they were many light years away from the Alpha quadrant and she somehow managed to keep Voyager running pretty smooth. But she is just too aggressive for my taste and probably more woman than Tom Paris could deal with if the truth were known. Besides she was Maquis in the beginning and it was only at Chakotay’s bidding that Janeway elevated her to chief engineer status.

Geordi LaForge. Bless his heart. I love Geordi. He is loyal, efficient, and competent. Picard has every confidence in him. Who wouldn’t?  But Geordi has to find his women on the holodeck. Remember Dr. Leah Brahms. “When you’re touching my engines, you’re touching me.” Only it turned out she was married and didn’t too much dig Geordi having fantasies about touching her engines. Yeah we know he was dying to get his hands on the warp nacelles. And his best friend is an android. Can’t you even have some human friends?

Next we come to Charles “Trip” Tucker, who was ably played by Connor Trineer. I actually like him a lot. He and Malcolm were always funny together, especially the episode where they were marooned in a spacecraft and thought they were going to die. And let’s face it. Anyone who can melt the heart of the ice princess T’Pol and go where no man has gone before has to be a super cool guy. But no matter how much I might like him, he can not be my all star chief engineer for one reason. He let an alien get him pregnant.

Then there is Montgomery Scott. Who doesn’t like Scotty. He’s awesome!! And he continually gets more out of the Enterprise than it should be able to do. You have to love a man who would defend the honor of the Enterprise when a Klingon insultingly calls his beloved ship a garbage scow.  Yep that’ll learn them Klingons not to go throwing insults around at a hard drinking Scotsman. Then there was the time he appeared on ST: TNG and ended up teaching LaForge a thing or two. But as much as I love him, he was not a central character in TOS. He is not my all star pick either.

My All Star pick is Chief Miles Edward O’Brien. Now some of you that actually care may be wondering why would I pick the gentle chief over some of the more flamboyant choices? Simple. Because he is every man. Not an officer like the others, he carries the rank chief petty officer, an enlisted man. If you’ll recall when the federation took over operations at Station Terok Nor, the station was in pretty bad shape. The spoonheads left it a mess, and it was barely functioning. But the good chief went to work and by the end of the season he had it working as well as Geordi ever had Enterprise D working. Prior to O’Brien’s going over to DS9 he had one of the best parts a minor character ever had in TNG episode “The Wounded”.  O’Brien relates how he had to kill a Cardassian once, the first time he ever killed anyone. “It’s not you I hate, Cardassian; I hate what I’ve become because of you“. What a great line. Hail to the chief.

Next up: Ship’s doctor.


3 Responses to “Star Trek – The All Star Edition – Part 1”

  1. Eek! I’m excited about this series of posts.

    Of course, I’ll always be all over the original cast…can’t wait til you get to Spock and Kirk!

  2. debeyepps Says:

    Geordi LaForge! He’s my favorite. I mean he went from being a slave on Roots to be the chief engineer on a starship. How can you not LOVE that?

    • theworldofmojo Says:

      Yeah I’d say he was a movin’ on up more than George and Weezie ever did. I do love Geordi!!!! LeVar Burton is a super talented actor and he made a boring role much better than it had any right to be.

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