Coming Soon: Gall Bladder Surgery

On Thursday May 21, I get to join the legions of people who make their way through life without all their original organs. Up until now I have had all the parts I was born with, but I will be losing my gall bladder. I will have a procedure that the doctors call laparoscopic cholecystectomy, but the rest of us just call gall bladder surgery. So gall bladder, the tribe has spoken and it’s time for you to go. The rest of you organs, grab your stuff and head back to camp. Can you tell Survivor is one of my favorite TV shows?

I have to be honest here. I have spent very little time in my life thinking about my gall bladder (or anyones’) and what it does and the trouble it can cause. Mostly when I hear the words “gall bladder” it makes me think of old women sitting around discussing their aches and pains. I can just hear one of them tell the other, “I had a gall bladder last night.” That’s old lady speak for I had an attack. I somehow feel shamed that I identify with the blue haired old lady set now. I’m such a failure!!!

My doctor discovered the presence of gall stones during a routine ultrasound to keep watch on another small problem that has the potential to get worse over time. I had no idea that I had gall stones. That came as a complete surprise to me. But it does explain quite a bit. Horrible indigestion, chest pains, excessive amounts of gas (boy does my family like that last symptom), and some occasional back pain.

I had my surgical consult yesterday and he said fortunately the duct was not stopped up so I could have it whenever I wanted to. Since surgery is something no one wants to spend tremendous amounts of time contemplating, I said as soon as possible so I can get it over with. My daughter is excited about it, because she will be taking care of me the day after. Being only eight, she is actually very capable.

Our friend Brittany has her gall bladder surgery a day after I do. I think her symptoms are actually much worse than mine (never asked her about the gas though). I hope I will be able to let her know it is a piece of cake.

Hopefully my wife will be able to take pictures of the pre-op and post op stuff. Until next time, sayonaro.


3 Responses to “Coming Soon: Gall Bladder Surgery”

  1. I don’t know how to use a camera! uh, I”m not planning on being there?! no…um….ok. Just as long as it isn’t at “dark:thirty!” in the mornin’! I ♥ U!

  2. debeyepps Says:

    I have it on my calendar and will be praying for you! Let me know if you guys need anything at all.

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