It’s come to this: the post American Idol Controversy

Why am I wasting my time writing about the American Idol controversy when North Korea is conducting nuclear tests and rattling their big ol’ sabers threatening war against us, them, and everybody but the Martians. (They know the Martians can whoop them.) I don’t know. I’m asking myself that.

Stories are appearing in the media claiming that AT&T provided cell phones to the good folk of Arkansas (as if they actually have cell phone technology there) so they could power text vote for their native son and winner Kris Allen, thus depriving the flamboyant Adam Lambert his rightful crown.

Actually I figure the phone system in Arkansas works something like this. Caller picks up the phone. “Sarah, get me 1-866-Idol 0whatever.” There comes a pause. Sarah says, “I’m just as sorry as I can be but Miss Bessie Clark has that line all tied up. You know how she is when it comes time to organize the church picnic. She’s trying to get Myrtle to bake one of her pecan pies. You know Myrtle took the blue ribbon three years runnin’ at the county fair for that pie don’t you?” Ever noticed all phone operators are named Sarah?

I have no idea (and apparently no one else does either) just how close the vote was. The show seems to guard that number rather zealously, only occasionaly diviluging information with nebulous statements like “It was a close vote.”

Now here’s what really happened as I see it. Let’s go back to week three. The final three were the aforementioned Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and the likeable Danny Gokey. Both Kris and Danny were similar in nature and appeal and it stood to reason that one of them would be going to the house. It turned out to be Danny.

With Kris and Adam as the two finalists it is also logical to believe that many of Danny’s voters threw their support behind Kris. Why not Adam? Well here is where it gets messy. Adam is a dynamic performer. What he lacks in vocal chops he more than makes up for with over the top performance style and interesting ways to interpret songs. But it is also an indisputable fact that pictures circulated of him on the internet depicting him kissing another male.

When Adam has been asked point blank about his sexuality, he has balked at giving a straight answer, preferring to say something like “I am comfortable with who I am.” Well guess what: so am I. But if I was asked that question point blank I would not hesitate to proudly proclaim my heterosexuality in the most unambiguous of possible terms. And frankly I don’t know anybody who is heterosexual who would refuse to answer that question in the clearest of manners.

Was it homophobia that doomed him to second place? Was it a backlash against him being just a bit weird? Could it have been that legions of voters looked at him and said to themselves, “He sure is talented but  he’s too freaky for me.” After all I’ll bet the captain of your local football team did not wear black nail polish and eyeliner.

I think the answer is an emphatic yes. The media has used every opportunity to portray alternative lifestyles as being as legitimate as “traditional” lifestyles. But do American’s really believe that? Even in California, that great bastion of the left, a referendum banning same sex marriage passed. The California Supreme Court upheld it as lawful.

California is only one place. In middle America and certainly the South, homosexuality is tolerated, but not necessarily accepted as being normal. As a Christian, I do not accept it as normal or moral. As an American though, I do not believe it should be used as a basis for discrimatory hiring practices. I am also horrified at the notion of visiting physical violence against someone for that reason, ala matthew Sheppard.  I wouldn’t vote or not vote for an entertainer based on their sexual preference. Most of us have suspected that homosexuality is much more prevalent in the entertainment industry than the industry has been willing to admit until recently. Doogie Houser is gay. George on Grey’s Anatomy is gay. Even Major Charles Emerson Winchester III came out as being gay recently. Who’s next? Will it be Hawkeye and BJ Honeycutt? May it never be.

See some people would and do vote on that basis. The night of the finals, I saw several facebook comments saying they were glad Kris won because they didn’t approve of fruity Adam. Yes real people think like that. More people agree with Miss California than not. Perez Hilton and his henchmen may not like it, but it’s just the truth. A lot of good folks are afraid of publically taking a stand against this issue for fear of being savaged by the PC crowd and their storm troopers. Given the choice of anonymously taking a stand by doing something as benign as voting for an American Idol participant, they will jump at the opportunity. See they weren’t just voting for Kris and not Adam, they were voting for truth, justice, and the American way. That’s just how people are.

As far as voting and myself goes, the only vote I have ever cast in the history of that show was for Christy Lee Cook, and that because I found her to be attractive and wanted to see her for a few more weeks. I wish both Adam and Kris well. I’m encouraged to find out they have apparently become good friends and good friends I hope they remain.

So I don’t think cell phones in Arkansas had anything to do with Adam finishing second. I think it all came down to middle American values.

And my last comments are twofold:

  • I picked on Arkansas, but I live in Alabama so I honestly have nothing to talk about. By the way I hate the Razorbacks.
  • I suspect the American public did both of them a favor. Adam will be a success no matter what and he will have more freedom without the encumbrance of being the American Idol. Kris needed to win. I fear he would have faded into obscurity had he not took the crown. I fear he may end up being the answer to a trivia question nonetheless.

4 Responses to “It’s come to this: the post American Idol Controversy”

  1. …you know my feelings about this….and I have stood in favor of Bo Bice, Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry & David Cook…..I have a certain taste in music that only one of those contestants revealed during the competition….hmmmmm…..wonder whose CD I’ll be buying on iTunes?!

  2. debeyepps Says:

    What if William Shatner came out as gay instead of George Takai? (I can just see your eyes rolling up in your head and your mouth foaming right this very second!) Just kidding…trying to shake you up!

    • theworldofmojo Says:

      Well Trekkies have known for many years that Sulu was a little loose in the loafers. The Shat man is a man’s man. He wants all the hot chicks, even the Orion slave girls. (But if, and If saying that because that is a big if) I’d be like: “Say it ain’t so.”

  3. I’m thinking Data would be the next in line of the Trek fame to come out of the closet… Well, we shall see… Coming out of the closet is the last career enhancing move they try “when all else fails”…

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