The Blessing that is My Wife – the story of how we met

Emily - My Beautiful and Special Wife

Emily - My Beautiful and Special Wife

 Other than the gift of salvation, my wife is the greatest blessing to me that the LORD has ever seen fit to bestow upon me. My children are equal blessings to me, but without my wife they would not exist.
I met her in what at the time was a most peculiar manner. It was back in 1996 and there was a lot of talk beginning about the internet. It sounded cool and I knew I wanted to be a part of the technology revolution. I bought a computer and got an account with a local provider.
I was 35 at the time, and single to the point of being a confirmed bachelor. So without the encumbrance of a woman in my life, I was free to pursue the things that single guys who are rapidly approaching middle age pursue. Mainly I put a lot of time and energy into going to baseball games and hockey matches. It passed the time in an enjoyable fashion and the drama of the competition never seemed to get old.
Thus it was only natural that when I got my computer that I would seek to expand my knowledge of the sports and teams that I followed. One of them was the Atlanta Braves. Sometime early in 1996 I stumbled upon a listserve forum devoted to the Braves. I signed up and enjoyed reading and posting to it.
Right before the 4th of July that year, a post appeared by someone who went by the internet nickname “flyers88.” I was instantly intrigued because I knew that flyers88 was the big and popular player for the Philadelphia Flyers, Eric Lindross. Of course I knew that it was not Lindross. The person behind the screen name was obviously a female.
That summer Atlanta hosted the Centennial Olympic Games. I bought a ticket over the internet and made the trip to see a session of Olympic boxing.  Not long after returning, the illustrious “flyers88” posted a message about having been to the Olympics the same day I was there. That furthur put her on my radar.
I meant to email her privately to ask about her Olympic trip and about the hockey team she was following, but I never really got around to it until August 18, 1996. And if I had known what was to come I would have been scared to death to hit the send button. (At the time I was not actively looking for a girlfriend. I wasn’t opposed to having one, but I was relatively happy living a basically quiet life, free to pursue my own interests.)
She responded and we began a long uninterrupted streak of emailing each other every day. It didn’t take long before getting her emails was the highlight of my day.
She did not sign her name to the emails and I didn’t ask her what it was. Back then the internet had a bad name due to several highly publicized stalking  and murder incidents. She finally told me on Labor Day weekend. I was dumbfounded. She had the same first and last name as my sister (and obviously the same last name as me.)
My birthday is in October and she did a bit of masterful detective work by finding out where I worked. She sent me a basket of candy with a bunch of balloons tied to it. Needless to say I was impressed. I called her that very night and heard her voice for the first time. It was a bit awkward as I tend to be somewhat shy and not always sure of what to say.
We didn’t talk on the phone again until a few weeks later, but gradually we began to talk more and more often and by November we were talking at least once a day and sometimes several times a day. And what was friendly affection between us began to grow.
By December I thought I was crazy. I realized that I loved her, a person I had never actually met. Soon we made arrangements to meet in Atlanta face to face. But before we could meet, something happened. We both confessed our feelings for one another, two days before the meeting.
We met at the Lenox Mall in Atlanta. I saw her standing against a railing, her red hair shimmering in the light. As I approached her, we both grinned from ear to ear and embraced one another. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. My confession was vindicated as was hers. I don’t know how, but I’ve never been more certain of anything, that we were supposed to be together.
Early 1997 - one of our first meetings

Early 1997 - one of our first meetings

In the year that followed, we arranged to spend time together whenever possible. We become engaged and were married in December 1997, a year almost to the day of our first meeting.
Now we have been married almost eleven and one half years. God has blessed us with both a son and a daughter and led us to a wonderful church where we can hear the Word and serve Him.
I do tell her everyday that I love her, but expressing the depth of those feelings I don’t think I’ve ever managed that. How can you put something into words you really can’t describe. I love her beyond all ability express. She is my joy, she is my hope. She is my everything.
I know you read this sweetheart. Thank you for being my wife and my partner in this adventure we call our lives. I love you with all my heart.

One Response to “The Blessing that is My Wife – the story of how we met”

  1. AAww….that is beautiful Mojo! It is so very similar to my story with Dan!

    Now my eyes are full of tears! Thanks! lol

    I’m glad that God has so richly blessed you my friend(s.)

    I look forward to getting to know you all better in the fututre. 🙂

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