Star Trek – Of Gods and Men

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men is a fan production in one sense, but a near professional production in others. Where it differs from most of the fan made productions is in its extensive use of veteran Trek actors. While certainly meaning no disrespect toward other fan created efforts, the use of so many professional actors makes it a cut above what you would expect to see in something created for the web.

Filmed between July and October of 2006 Star Trek: Of Gods and Men was directed by Tim Russ, who is well known to all in the Trek community, principally for playing Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager (although he had a prior appearance in Star Trek: the Next Generation). He reprises his Tuvok character in this production. Joining him is the forever graceful and beautiful Nichelle Nichols once again portraying her iconic role as Nyota Uhura. And the other superstar name is Walter Koenig, who is of course Pavel Chekov.

But the star parade doesn’t end there. Also featured playing their original roles are:

And featured playing a part other than  that which they played in canonical Star Trek productions:

Also appearing is veteran character actor: William Wellman Jr. and James Cawley who is most well known for spearheading the fan production Star Trek: Phase II and also portrays Captain Kirk in that production.

The plot, without giving anything away, deals with an alternate universe and the Guardian of Forever. You will watch it in three parts, each lasting roughly twenty five minutes or so. If I have any criticism of the story, it would be that they tried to do too much, using too many familiar elements and characters to create a plot. Even so, it is still better written than a lot of lower tier official Star Trek  productions.

Being very low budget, the special effects really aren’t great, but they should not be expected to be of the same quality as state of the art effects as presented today. Don’t let that predjudice your willingness to view this production. Remember that Star Trek at its best has always been character driven. For what it is, it’s terrific and deserves a viewing.

This has been called by its producers as a 40th anniversary present for Star Trek fans. I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description of it. Watch it today if at all possible. You can start watching by boldly going here.


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