What the Death of Michael Jackson Should Teach Us

When I got the news of Farrah Fawcett’s passing yesterday, it made me nostalgic for the decade of the 1970s, her heyday when her beautiful looks were everywhere. Later in the day, the news broke that Michael Jackson was dead of an apparent heart attack, although the final cause of death may prove to be somewhat more sinister.

At the height of his creative powers, no other single entertainer ever captured the public imagination the way Michael Jackson did. He was the first multi-media superstar, ruling the airwaves and the fledgling cable network MTV. The way he moved on the dance floor nearly defied gravity and he had a whole generation trying to moonwalk the way he did.

But later, Michael Jackson took a wrong turn somewhere in life. The numerous plastic surgeries, the bizarre tabloid stories that he allegedly seeded himself, and worst of all the allegations of child molestation served to tarnish the bright star that he was. He soon became known as much for his personal eccentricities as much as he ever did for his music.

But nostaglia was not what I felt when I heard the news that Michael Jackson had died. Instead I was reminded that God may require our souls at a time of his choosing. Will we be ready?

The most heartbreaking thing about Michael Jackson is the strong probability that he was a lost person.  All the fame, all the attention, all the great songs, all the adoring fans, availed him not when he stood before the throne of judgement.

See it’s popular in the media when someone famous dies to talk about how they are in heaven now. But the truth is far more sobering, a grim and terrible reality that unless you know Jesus Christ as your LORD and saviour you are destined to spend an eternity out of the presence of God’s grace and in torment and agony, never ending, never ceasing, never getting any easier.

The media also likes to point out all the charitable things he did. I applaud him for that. He used much of his resources to help those less fortunate. But again, it is a grim reality that good works will not earn you eternal rest in the bosom of our God. Instead it is by grace alone, through faith alone. If it is by works, then grace is no longer grace, and Christ’s death means nothing.

Indeed these are not pleasant things to think about if you are not in Christ. But it is a simple fact that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved. He endured the shame and humiliation of the cross for the good that was set before Him. He took our sins upon himself and bore the punishment that was rightly ours so that if we believe in Him, God looks at us as having the righteous of Christ. We are adopted as sons and we will spend our eternity, having had all our sin removed, delighting over being in the presence of the LORD for all eternity.

I am sorry that Michael Jackson died at a relatively young age. I do indeed pray for his family. But most of all, I pray that they come to know the one true God, even through this awful tragedy in their lives.

In the end death comes for us all. Are you ready?


2 Responses to “What the Death of Michael Jackson Should Teach Us”

  1. This is off topic, and I apologize….but I was googling gallbladder surgery and your blog came up.

    I am due to have one on July 6 and am terrified….I cannot eat, drink or sleep and anti anxiety meds are not helping. I feel so alone and have no one to talk to as no one I know has had this surgery.

    If you find the time, email me at mazinn@localnet.com

    I don’t know if talking with someone who had this surgery will help, but I’m praying that it will….as I don’t know how I’ll survive the wait, emotionally.

  2. debeyepps Says:

    Mojo…you are so correct with everything that you said. The only thing that I could possibly add is that while I too applaud his good works they are actually as filthy rags before the Almighty Father. That is because the Bible tells us “So then, those who are in the flesh [unsaved] cannot please God.” Romans 8:8

    I too hope that Michael Jackson’s untimely death will help to point people to the reality that we will all one day die. And to be ready at any time to meet your creator, God.

    Thanks for your insightful post Mojo!

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