Ted Kennedy


Let me preface my remarks by saying that I have never particularly been a fan of Sen. Edward Kennedy. I have many honest disagreements with his politics and certainly he had many personal failings that will serve to diminish his legacy. There will be time to recount those things in full. But today is not that day.

For nearly half a century Ted Kennedy was the face of modern American liberalism and the last surviving brother from the legend that is Camelot.  He was forever passionate about the things that he believed in and no matter what side of the political spectrum one might side with, there is little doubt that several pieces of landmark legislation that he was uniquely involved in have been good for the country. The National Cancer Act of 1971, The American with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 are but a few examples. Frequently Senator Kennedy reached across the aisle (to the annoyance of his fellow Democrats) to work with prominent Republicans in getting legislation passed. Many politicians from the right counted him as a friend.

Of course opponents on the right have used him as the “bogey-man” for the left by insinuating and even outright stating that Ted Kennedy and the Democrats are out to ruin America. The truth, as painful as it may be to many, is that the senior senator from Massachusetts was always a patriotic American public servant who wanted what he believed was in the best interest of the nation he loved and served for nearly 50 years.

On this day, as a nation stops to mourn and remember, let us honor him as the “Lion of the Senate.” As I stated before there will be time to recount his failures both public and private at a later date. Today let us salute a political icon. There will never be another like him.


One Response to “Ted Kennedy”

  1. Senator Kennedy was not everyone’s hero. The press will remember celebrities as they choose, and according to their political leanings or according to the decisions of Senior Management of the network, or newspaper.

    It was a loss for the Senate to have Sen. Kennedy off the voting record before the Fall session begins. Let’s face it, some want a Health Care Bill passed right away-whether it’s right for the people or not! Will they, the Senators and Congressmen read it? No, they will not become familiar enough with the language of many proposals brought before them for a vote. Are they familiar with the actual language, intent, and long-term ramifications of most bills authored by others members of the assembly. In many case, no, they are not. This is a matter of public record. A health care bill should not be passed until it is agreed upon by a great majority of both parties on Capital hill.

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