What God has taught me lately through prayer

I have had several epiphanies lately regarding my prayers. I have prayed that God would grant me unshakable faith and eliminate all vestiges of unbelief. Now I don’t want to sound like some TV preacher lunatic, but I felt like the answer to that prayer was God telling me that if I wanted that sort of faith then I needed to pray more and more diligently and immerse myself deeper in the Word. Again something so obvious that I don’t know why I didn’t see it. 

I have found myself praying recently for my children’s salvation. After having pondering the meaning of success I came to the realization that I would rather have my children work the night shift at Waffle House and live in a trailer and be willing vessels in service to God than to be selfish and wealthy individuals, admired by the world but scorned by God. I find that I just can’t tolerate the thoughts of my children ever entering into a Christless eternity and that drives me deeper and deeper into prayer. I cry out to Him: “Only you can draw them to Yourself. Use me, a marred and sinful man, not worthy to even call upon your Holy and Almighty Name, except for the cross of Christ. Compel me to teach them diligently, the things which have been taught to me, so that they might know, and in knowing believe, and in belief find salvation and adoption as your children.”

 I ask myself how can we say we love our neighbor if we are not willing to share the good news with them. How can we fail so many times so witness for Him. We fear man and what man will think of us, but we have no fear of a Holy and Righteous God who has the power to condemn us unto eternal perdition. Let us rightly fear the LORD our God. Man has only the power to kill our bodies, but a just and vengeful God (and yes I believe that He is both) has the power to consign the soul to the everlasting fires He has prepared for the devil and his angels. Why do I fear man? I must pray more and read and study the WORD more to overcome the fear of someone who has no real power over me. Jesus stands with me and if Christ is with you who can be against you. All praise and honor and glory be His, forever and ever.


3 Responses to “What God has taught me lately through prayer”

  1. Ron E Trees Says:

    Really enjoyed reading your thoughts here and I think that you are right on!!


  2. Beautiful, Mojo. 🙂

  3. Whats Wrong with working in a trailer and Living in a Waffle House. Sounds mighty tasty.

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