My Daughter’s Latest Obsession


My daughter turned nine back in September. She’s very normal by anyone’s definition. She loves her friends. She loves all the TV shows that her friends love. She is girly. She likes clothes. She likes her pet chihuahua Peanut.

But she also has some not quite so normal interests for a nine-year old girl.  A few weekends ago we were in Georgia for a family reunion. The morning of the reunion, while my wife was getting ready I flipped through the channels and found some History Channel program about the John F. Kennedy assassination. Next thing I know she was sitting on the floor in front of the TV just glued to it.

In the weeks since, I have answered tons of questions about it. She developed a fascination for Mrs. Kennedy and has asked what happened to the pink dress and pillbox hat? (The dress is in the National Archives; the pillbox hat is not.) Who shot him? (Lee Harvey Oswald did, acting alone. Sorry but the simplest answer is usually right. I don’t smell a conspiracy at all.) Was President Kennedy a good president? (That all depends on who you ask but on the whole I think he was). Why did Jack Ruby shoot Oswald? (Not sure anyone knows.) Is Jackie still living? (No she died back in the 1990s.) Where was he shot from? (The sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository.)

In the conversation she also became aware of something known as the Zapruder film, a home movie which shows the fatal head shot in graphic detail. Naturally she wanted to see it.  It’s a part of history and so many of our young people grow up ignorant of  our history, our triumphs and our tragedies. After thinking about it, we watched the video. That brought up more questions. What was Jackie trying to do when it looked like she climbed onto the back of the limo. (Retrieving pieces of his skull.) Had he already been shot when he grabbed his neck? (Yes I think so.) Did Jackie get hit by a bullet? (No. Only President Kennedy and Governor Connally were hit. Jackie and Nellie Connally were not hit.)

I know that a nine-year old girl being interested in something like the JFK assassination might seem a little strange, but honestly I’m proud of my daughter. I’m thrilled that she realizes that much came before her and wants to know about it. I plan on answering all the questions she has.


2 Responses to “My Daughter’s Latest Obsession”

  1. Jacob has been absolutely fascinated with the Titanic for quite a while now. I know the feeling of the million questions! Such amazing kiddos we have!

  2. theworldofmojo Says:

    The Titanic is pretty cool too.

    Harry says President Kennedy creeps him out.

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