Pet Peeves – Part 1 (Mac fanboys)

Pet Peeves!!! We’ve all got them. They hang around in our lives like a burr under the saddle. I have several of them. Beginning today I want to share my pet peeves with the both of you who read this.

My biggest pet peeve – today anyway – is the legions of fanboys who grovel at the feet of Steve Jobs and Apple Computers. Now before I get started good, let me say that I am not opposed to owning a Mac. I simply can’t afford one. My HP laptop is blazing fast, does everything I want it to do, and almost never crashes even though I am running (insert sound effects of doom here) Windows Vista. So why would I spend twice the amount of money just to own a computer with an Apple logo on it?

A good part of it is the oh so smug attitude the Mac crowd has developed. Somehow they are just superior because they own a Mac. “We never get viruses,” they crow. Well guess what? I don’t either. I have something called common sense. I know not to open suspicious email attachments and I know the sorts of places to avoid on the internet. Some Mac users claim that there is no such thing as a virus for the Mac. A quick google serach will show that while they are still rare, they do exist. Besides if I was a virus writer I’d want to take out as many computers as possible. That means I’d not waste my time writing one to attack Macs.

“Macs never crash,” the fanboys trumpet. Oh yes they do!!! I know quite a few people who own Macs who are more than willing to admit that their precious sacred Mac crashes just as much as their Windows-based computer does. And remember what I said above. My HP laptop running Vista almost never crashes. I won’t lie. It has before and it will again, but it’s not an everyday thing. Maybe every three or four months is more like it.

And let’s talk about the cult of personality. Steve Jobs. Okay I’ll admit Steve is a visionary in many ways. He has this uncanny ability to predict what will be the next big thing. Or does he? Anyone remember the Lisa?  And besides, this is the same guy who is such an egomaniac that he was fired from the very company he started. He is known to be aggressive and a control freak. And in spite of his considerable fortune, there is no record of Jobs contributing to any charitable projects. Don’t believe me? Do a google search.

On the other hand Bill Gates is scorned and reviled  for being a greedy tycoon. Yeah he’s been the richest man in the world a few times and every jealous silicone valley failure has tried to sue him. It’s all Gates’ fault, they claim. He’s unfairly limiting competition.  

Gates on the other hand has been instrumental in putting the personal computer with his easy to use and affordable Windows OS  in the majority of American homes. The fanboys claim that the Mac OS is oh so much better and more stable. But more affordable it ain’t. Let’s assume it is better – and I don’t believe it is for one minute. A Ferrari is a better car than a Dodge Grand Caravan, but guess which one I can afford?

Now let’s talk about Bill and Melinda Gates some more. Their charitable foundation (the largest one in the world) has donated $28 billion dollars to charity including organizations that promote world health. How much have you ponied up Steve?

It seems clear when comparing the egotistical Jobs to the benevolence of Bill Gates just who the better man is.

To wrap things up, I don’t hate Macs. I’m not opposed to them. My only thing is just drop the superior act. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being told I’m not as good as you are because I didn’t want to spend double the amount of money on a computer that does the same thing. I’m tired of your smugness. I’m tired of it. Get over yourself. Get your sense of self-esteem from something else other than owning a certain brand of computer.

My name is Mojo and I’m a PC (because I’m not an idiot who wants to spend much more than I can afford on something that does the very same thing.)


2 Responses to “Pet Peeves – Part 1 (Mac fanboys)”

  1. LOL!

    You go, man! Woot woot!

  2. I agree 100%. Can’t afford a Mac.

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