Typical Alabama Politics

Our illustrious governor, a man that I have mostly been proud to support has proven to be just another politician. Following is a copy of a letter I sent him. It remains to be seen if I get a reply.

Dear Governor Riley,

I was proud to vote for you both times you campaigned for Governor. I believe you have by and large done an excellent job throughout your tenure…until recently.

Your anti-gambling task force is an embarassment to this state and to you personally. The fact is you have been in office for seven years and all the while, casinos similar to and including Victoryland have been in operation without any apparent interest from your office. I am befuddled that you would wait until the last year of your term to make that your cause du jour.

While I am not always in agreement with our current attorney general, a man you placed into that position if memory serves, I believe you would do well to heed his advice in this instance: proceed with caution and allow a referendum on the issue. Frankly whatever the Alabama State Constitution says is probably a convoluted mess.

You have exercised poor judgement in selecting first David Barber who was easily discredited and then John Tyson who comes across as half pit-bull/half KGB agent. He would remind most folks of the bully from high school who you didn’t like then and still don’t like now. I also do not miss the irony that Tyson was Troy King’s democratic opponent in the last election. This reeks of being a backhanded slap at your hand-picked attorney general. Is King being punished for having a mind of his own, and not merely your yes man?

You may conclude that I am a supporter of legalized gambling. In fact I am ambivalent about it. I have never set foot in Victoryland, Whitehall, Country Crossings, or any establishment of similar nature. But I am practical enough to know that those predisposed to gambling will find an outlet for it, be it in Mississippi, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or with Milton McGregor. Surely it is preferable, if the people, not you sir, ordain that we want casino gambling, to keep the money within the state.

Trust me when I say that you have severely injured your public reputation, and your legacy. I have spoken with many people about this, and to a man, they express bewilderment and disappointment at your actions. I am guessing you are too prideful to reverse course now. This is not so much about being a moral imperative or even a point of law. It is your own personal crusade. It cost us $130,000 for our fine law enforcement officers to be diverted from their normal duties. I could pay off my house for that. As it is your aborted raid is just money wasted foolishly.


2 Responses to “Typical Alabama Politics”

  1. Did you really put it in the mail????? Good goin’!

  2. I don’t know anything about Alabama politics but I know I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a letter like this! LOL

    Go get em Tiger! 😀 😀

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