As I Suspected

I have yet to receive a reply from our illustrious governor concerning the letter that I sent to him. A man I was once proud to be a supporter of has lost all respect from me. Here are the reasons:

1. I’m not particularly in favor of gambling. But I am even less in favor of conducting expensive raids in the wee hours of the night. To be brutally honest I would expect this sort of thing to be done in Iran, Stalinist Russia, Communist China, or North Korea, not the United States in the year 2010. This whole issue needs to be settled through a court of law or by legislative action. If the governor wants to take the proper channels by going through our judicial system, then fine. I’m all for that. But if he wants to continue to conduct pre-dawn raids, then I’m sorry, he needs to be keeping Don Singleterm company in the big house.

2. John Tyson. I find him to be repulsive and if you, gentle reader (notice I used the singular) don’t see that he is an opportunist who is equally if not more interested in furthering his political career, than he is in actually dealing with gambling, then wake up and smell reality. By the way, I’m 100% certain that Riley just appointed him as a slap against his hand-picked attorney general Troy King. Recall that Tyson was Troy King’s democratic opponent in 2006. Tyson just has a rottweiler persona about him. I’d like to put that dog back on a short leash where he belongs.

3. I have on good authority that Riley was the one who recruited the buffoon Luther Strange to run against Troy King in the Republican primary. Riley, other than demonstrating what a duplicitous piece of work he really is has violated Saint Ronald’s eleventh commandment. Luther needs to study Reagan too. Frankly Riley is not even a shadow of Reagan’s greatness. He’s not even close.

4. A couple of summers ago, some vicious (and untrue) rumors circulated concerning Troy King. I have no proof of it, but some blogger’s have claimed that those rumors came from Riley’s camp. Knowing what I know about our governor, I would not doubt it.


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