Pet Peeves – Part 2 (Forwarded Email)

Email has revolutionized nearly everyone’s life. It is now much easier to keep up with friends, send and receive invoices, and to communicate in general. Naturally there are those who routinely exceed the mandate of what email should be used for. I’m not talking about spam. That’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

I’m talking about email messages that have been forwarded, often half a dozen times or even more and have a long string of email addresses left in the message.

Now there are basically two categories of forwarded email that I despise seeing. The first is those sickeningly sentimental stories often with a theological twist. And they always end with words such as “if you really care you won’t delete this; you’ll send it ten other people and back to the one who sent it to you.” I especially can’t stand getting one that insinuates that if I don’t forward the email then it is proof that I really don’t love God. Or if I forward it I’ll receive some sort of blessing, but if I don’t I’ll end up having bad luck.

I’d just like to ask the ones who send these. Just how stupid do you think I am? And how stupid are you? You surely don’t really believe that you are actually making some sort of difference because some idiot sent you an email imploring you to commit electronic pollution by forwarding what amounts to garbage.

But it shows I care, they’ll argue. No it shows you are just someone who is gullible.

But some of the messages are Christian, they’ll argue. Listen here and listen good. Don’t get your theology from an email. Just because someone sends it to you does not make it Biblical. Nearly every one of these emails is riddled with bad theology and demonstrates a poor understanding of the Bible. If you need inspiration, turn to the pages of scripture, not your inbox.

Now the second type is the political emails, lately sounding alarm about something that may or may not be true. One I received recently, and from a lady I know to be a dedicated follower of Christ was a hatchet job against Jane Fonda and ended with the phrase, “I hope I live long enough to piss on her grave.” That grieved my heart that such as that would be forwarded by a Christian woman whom I respect. After doing about five minutes of google searching I was able to determine that none of what the email said was true and that particular email had been in circulation in one form or another since the year 2000.

Then there are the ones that allege that Obama is not a US citizen, is secretly a Muslim, or any variety of unsavory things that would alarm the rank and file that receives it. Often these emails depict the left leaning political party as un-American and unChristian. The unChristian part I can go along with as platforms that support abortion and homosexual rights are clearly against the revealed Word of God.

There is no clear evidence that Obama is a Muslim. I don’t care how many YouTube videos you forward to me or how many times you say it. There is just no evidence to indicate that he is. And if he was so what? Wanna know a secret? Many of the good old United States of America’s founding fathers were not Christian. They were deists. While they had what is essentially a Christian worldview, the country was not founded as a Christian nation. We’ve gone too far with restricting religion, but the fact is the Constitution does not establish a state religion.

What I believe is that many Christian people have arrived at the mistaken belief that an essential part of their Christian faith is supporting the Republican party. They believe it is okay to demonize and slander the opposition because if God is on their side by necessity, He must be against the other side.

Let me be clear. As Christians we are called to be responsible in the selection of our leaders and to exercise discernment and discretion in the ballot box. We have the freedom and the liberty to tell our leaders that we don’t agree with what they are doing. But our mission is to spread to gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world. Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:12:

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. 

That means we are to stop demonizing and start sermonizing. The Democrats are not our enemies. They are opportunities in many cases. When you alienate them and turn them into enemies, you have lost an opportunity to share the gospel.

Here’s what I ask from those of you that forward a lot of stuff. Take a hard look at what you are sending. Is it really worth forwarding. And you’ve got to know this: if it contains a Christian message, but also implores you to forward the email for good luck., then it is NOT (I repeat: NOT) a Christian message. It is pagan and it is dangerous. Keep it to yourself.


3 Responses to “Pet Peeves – Part 2 (Forwarded Email)”

  1. WOOHOO! SO well said! (applauding…)

  2. Also it takes about 10 seconds for many of them to be verified – is our friend, email forwarding people!

  3. “The unChristian part I can go along with as platforms that support abortion and homosexual rights are clearly against the revealed Word of God.”

    And shrimp! Don’t forget shrimp! Fast-food restaurants that promote shrimp are also clearly against the revealed Word of God!

    “Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.” Leviticus 11:12

    You know… as long as we’re naming abominations and everything.

    I’m gonna go eat me an abomination cocktail.

    – Rick

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