Mojo on Same Sex Marriage

With the arguments now in front of the United States Supreme Court concerning the legality of same-sex marriage, much discussion is occurring within the culture. Facebook profile pictures are being changed. Blogs and opinion pieces are giving their spin on the issue, and everyone seems to have a strong and often forceful opinion. That includes myself, although my opinion, by virtue of being the opinion I hold, is markedly superior to all other opinions. If you do not agree with me, your opinion is WRONG!!! <ha ha>

First of all I am a Christian and I believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. The truths contained within are immutable, unchanging, and authoritative. The Bible is not just an outdated product of the time it was written in, but remains relevant now and forever more. The Bible, and not just in the book of Leviticus, as detractors like to quote, condemns homosexuality in both the Old and the New Testament. Do I believe it to be immoral? Yes I absolutely do, based on the authority of scripture.

Now I will also have to acknowledge that the battle for “traditional marriage” is probably a lost cause. There is such a thing as momentum in our culture and the prevailing winds seem to be blowing in the direction of same sex marriage. Indeed, if we are honest, we are forced to admit there is a certain inevitability at work here.

So how should we engage a culture that we know to be a moral abomination? Well I say it is time for evangelicals (and probably a lot of Catholics too) to change their attitudes. What do I mean by that? I don’t mean change their stance on the issue, but change how they engage the issue.

Last year, prior to the election, people I know to be good Christian people made hundreds of anti-Obama posts on Facebook and everywhere else. These posts were often hateful, belligerent, and often nothing more than the re-packaging of lies that have been circulated for years. Many of these have resounded with the self-righteous indignation often reserved for a three year old on their best temper-tantrum days. (Back in the day we used to call that a hissy fit.) Anger and intolerance permeate these expressions of political declaration.

First I want to address this from a Christian point of view. As salt and light in the world, what all of this far right outrage (in my opinion fueled by Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Anne Coulter) has done, is turned the political left into an enemy that we no longer have the ability to reach with the gospel, a message infinitely more valuable than choosing sides in a political battle. Yes I said it, the evangelical embrace of the political right has done harm to the cause of Christ. We have been poor witnesses in our communities all because we seem to be more interested in preserving whatever status quo we value, instead of reaching the lost, including the political left.

<Disclaimer: I am not saying ignore politics, but instead limit political expression to a quiet familiarity with the issues and a sober examination of the candidates for political office, and a vote for those who might best exemplify the values that we treasure.>

Secondly, always respond in love. It is wrong to hate homosexual individuals just due to their sexual preference. It is wrong not to love them as fellow human beings. Always remember that if you rightly regard homosexuality as sin, then we must acknowledge that we are likewise sinners. But ALWAYS RESPOND IN LOVE AND GENTLENESS!!!!!

I have known but a small number of gay people in my life and I can honestly say I didn’t treat them any differently than any of the straight people I know. I don’t believe in discrimination against gays in the job market (unless it is for a position as Baptist preacher). I don’t believe in discrimination in the housing market and I confess to being a little bothered by the fact that during end of life decisions, a long term life partner has no rights wherein an estranged family member who hasn’t seen the person who is dying in twenty years can just come in and decide to pull the plug or keep the machines going. Yes that bothers me and from a human perspective it just doesn’t seem to be right.

I could be in support of a legal arrangement wherein two individuals who choose for their lives to co-mingle in some meaningful and substantial way would have the right to purchase health insurance, file joint tax returns, etc. This need not necessarily be two homosexual people, but could be two elderly sisters living together, or any number of imaginable relationships where it might be beneficial for there to be a legal arrangement of sorts.

Remember that I think this battle is lost already. I have heard numerous dire predictions of what same sex marriage would cause to happen. I personally believe the impact would be less than that. In the meantime, there will be no more nor no less gay people however the Supreme Court rules. All it would change is a legal status. Some say it would cheapen the sanctity of marriage. Well the straight community accomplished that long ago with widespread divorce, promiscuity, and cohabitation, once known as “shacking up.” If marriage is ordained by God and sanctified by him then my own marriage remains sanctified, while any other relationships He did not intend for will remain only legal arrangements. He will judge those who are disobedient. That’s good enough for me.

And for my final thought look for the Undertaker to extend his streak at Wrestlemania to 21-0 when he defeats CM Punk.


One Response to “Mojo on Same Sex Marriage”

  1. As soon as homosexuals convince the supreme court that they were “born this way” and are “normal” and federal laws are passed making it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their sexual orientation it won’t take long for the pedophiles to sue for proper recognition in society because they too were born that way and are normal.

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